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Giving Saranap residents a true independent voice in the future of their neighborhood

The Saranap Homeowners Organization is committed to preserving the semi-rural quality of our neighborhood. To that end, we


All Saranap homeowners are encouraged to join. Membership is a nominal $25 a year per home address.
This covers the costs for telephone, postage, printing, maintaining our website, and expert and legal consultations when necessary.

You must be a homeowner in the Saranap to join the Saranap Homeowners Organization.
Membership is per home, one voting membership per household in the annual Board of Directors election. Memberships are for twelve months from the month you join.


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Or, please print and complete this page and mail it, with your check or money order, to:

Saranap Homeowners Organization
PO Box 2272
Walnut Creek, CA 94595­0272

Please make your check or money order payable to:  Saranap Homeowners Organization.
Additional contributions are needed and gratefully accepted. Thank you!

I/We are homeowners in the Saranap and would like to join or renew our membership in the Saranap Homeowners Organization for one year at the rate of $25.00 per year per household.

MEMBERSHIP:  (please  check  one):      RENEWAL  O           NEW  Membership  O

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Address__________________________________________________________ Walnut Creek, CA  Zip__________

Phone__________________ Email____________________________ We have Lived in Saranap Since_________

I am able to help with:   Photography O     Printing O     Community Planning O     Traffic O      Legal O

        Membership O     Secretarial O     Historical O     Writing O     Newsletter O     Website O

                                         Engineering O     Neighborhood Canvassing O

March 2014

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